The Rise of the Micro Brewery in NZ


New Zealand has a long history with beer brewing dating back to the late 18th Century when Captain James Cook crafted a brew to aid in the treatment of scurvy. Using wort, molasses and rimu bark and leaves the first New Zealand beer was created in 1770! It was not until more Europeans with the major ingredients of beer arrived during the 19th Century that brewing began in earnest. The dominant beer styles being those of ales, stouts and porters due to the majority of European immigrants being from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The first commercial brewery to be established in New Zealand was in 1835 by Joel Samuel Polack in the Bay of Islands at Kororareka (now called Russell). There has always been and will always be a demand for microbreweries though.

In New Zealand there has been a rise in popularity of blends from smaller craft breweries and a reduction in sales for the two major ale producers (Dominion and Lion Breweries). Demand for craft beers has increased since the 1980’s in New Zealand with some pubs operating their own breweries, often within the same building for example the Dux de Lux in Christchurch.

Farra Engineering have been designing and manufacturing breweries for over 25 years and have recently designed a compact and portable brewery. This design is perfect for the home enthusiast wishing to move away from a jumble of ad hoc brewing paraphernalia to a more sophisticated system to rival the professionals. In fact the system is so sophisticated that the larger breweries can use it to trial and perfect new brews.

If you are ready to follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook and create your own unique blend to rival the pale ales of the largest New Zealand breweries then you must check out the 50 SBB from Farra Engineering. The compact three-tiered design utilises gravity and thus has eliminated the need for pumps.

A heat exchanger designed by Farra stainless steel engineers in Christchurch allows the wort to achieve the optimum temperature for yeast pitching. The unit is quite capable of producing 45 litres in just 4 hours. Your own brew ready to enjoy after just a few weeks of fermenting and conditioning – too easy!

The micro brewery was designed in conjunction with Emerson’s Breweries (multi-award winning craft brewery) from Dunedin and was exhibited at Beervana in Wellington to rave reviews. For quality design and innovation for the brewing industry both commercially and at home you simply must contact Farra Engineering for further information. Could this unit lead to a further rise in microbreweries, craft beers and the creation of a uniquely New Zealand beer like the original crafted by Captain Cook?

Farra Engineering has been around for over 150 years and has built a solid reputation for quality custom stainless steel, backed by reliability and excellent customer service. We are one of the founding New Zealand engineering companies with years of experience in developing new products.

We at Farra Engineering have been helping small breweries and in home brewers throughout New Zealand for over 25 years. As stainless steel engineers we have a commitment to quality and innovative design. Contact us today

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